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Jul 13, 2013 2:00pm PDT
people were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a coffeehouse in kirkuk. >>> seven u.n. peacekeepers were killed today during an ambush attack in the sudan southern darfur region. the convoy came under heavy gunfire near its base, just north of the state capital. a u.n. spokesman said the peacekeepers were far outnumbered. it's the single deadliest attack on the international force during its five years of deployment there. so far, there has been no claim of responsibility. >>> hopes of achevi achieving a political reconciliation in egypt are fading fast. a state-run media source is saying that prosecutors are investigating ousted president mohammed morsi and leaders of the muslim brotherhood. the investigation stems from accusations of spying and killing protesters. meanwhile, both sides are digging in, a pro-morsi rally demanding the former president's reinstatement is taking place right now in cairo. and a similar, much larger rally, was held last night. despite that, the interim prime minister is still moving forward. he's hoping to have a government in place by ear
Jul 13, 2013 7:00am PDT
was shot last year, for promoting education for girls in her country. at the u.n., she spoke to youth leaders from around the world. >> the taliban shot me on the left side of my forehead. they shot my face, too. they thought that the bullet would silence us. but they failed. >> very brave girl. malala said that girls and schools in pakistan are still being targeted by the taliban because she says, the taliban is afraid of the power of educated women. >>> and of course, it is july. that means, as always, it's time for the annual running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. in today's run, one person was seriously injured in a stampede by people racing ahead of the bulls. and on friday, three people, including one american, were gored by bulls. they all survived. the tradition was made famous in the ernest hemingway novel, "the sun also rises." and i always thought about doing that. but -- >> no? >> i have not. and i may not. scratch that off of my bucket list. >> i went there and watched. >> you watched? why am i surprised you watched? >> i concerned it a journalistic act. >> was it cool?
Jul 8, 2013 6:00pm PDT
those reports were retracted. the former u.n. guy it turned out was too secular for al-nour's taste. but they did give their stamp of approval to the former head of egypt's investment authority in a radio interview. so between the ultra conservative nour party, the ousted muslim brotherhood, the pro-reform movement and the many other groups, there are now a lot of players who all have a long list of grievances. and now there is no political process, no safe way to resolve them. the military opened fire. they opened fire on a crowd of muslim brotherhood morsi supporters. the muslim brotherhood now says it has 51 martyrs. not just dead supporters but martyrs. and so now how does the muslim brotherhood cut a deal? how do they come in? how do they back down? now they have to play this out so their people didn't die in vain. so in todaytion events there is a rift developing between what the public wanted to do, which is to overthrow the president, to change the system, and what is happening now, which is what looks like the prelude to a possible civil war. today is the day this became no
Jul 10, 2013 4:00pm PDT
to the u.n. report. the explanation from my italian friend was confirmed by dr. kenneth thorpe the chair at the department of health policy and management at emery's rollins school of health. yes, we eat more processed food, heavier on fat, sugar and corn. and the europeans generally eat fresher food and smaller portions. it's the difference between fresh food versus processed food. it's not only how much we're eating but what we're eating as well. that's hardball for now, thanks for being with us, all in with chris hayes starts right now. >>> good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, tonight on "all in" the fear factor as the defense rests in the trial of george zimmerman, closing arguments set to begin tomorrow, already, bill o'reilly and others are raising the racial spector. the oil train, what went wrong to cause this truly horrific crash? and the river of fire that's killed at least 20 people and absolutely devastated a small town in quebec. >>> plus, the tea party in georgia, is all for solar energy, and now they're going head to head with the
Jul 13, 2013 5:00am PDT
in the form of a 16th celebration. >> happy 16th birthday, malala. >> malala took center stage at a u.n. youth assembly and let the world hear her strong voice and powerful message. >> respective elders and my dear brothers and sisters. >> just nine months after she was targeted on her school bus, shot in the head by a taliban gunman for daring to speak up for the right of girls to go to school malala stood wearing the shawl of the former pakistani prime minister assassinated five years ago. >> i speak not for myself but for those without voice can be heard. >> reporter: the only thing more stunning than malala's recovery was her vision. >> they thought it would change my aims and stop my ambitions, but nothing changed in nighmy life except this. weakness fear and hopelessness died. strength fervor, and courage was born. >> reporter: 57 million boys and girled worldwide are denied educations, but they now have a voice, forceful and poetic. >> they realize the importance of light when we see darkness. we realize the importance of a voice when we are silence. in the
Jul 13, 2013 3:00am PDT
yousafzai is making a statement. she poke at the u.n. about the need for children's education and why being targeted by the taliban only made her stronger. >> they thought that the bullet would silence us. but they failed. and although thousands of voices, the terrorist thought they would change my aims and stop my ambitions but nothing changed in my life except this. weakness, fear and hopelessness died. strength, power and courage was born. >> teenager, malala said the pink scarf she's wearing once belonged to the late prime minister benazir bhutto. >> she just amazes me. she said at the point, is this not about me, this is about every young boy and girl. >> she's proudly defiant. and initially what her call was for children to be educated. and that has added to a list of other causes. >>> coming up zimmerman defense attorney mark o'mara said his client would never have been arrested if it weren't for a smear campaign led by one man. we're going to tell you who he blames, also -- >>> the man who claimed to be the boston strangler exhumed. still we might know if albert de salvo was a seria
Jul 11, 2013 3:00am PDT
to make a massive impact as world leaders gather in new york city for this year's u.n. general assembly meeting. >> so every time you guys do something, it gets bigger. this is definitely -- this is impressive. is it raising money? funneling money in specific directions to try and pare down, make a difference on the issue of poverty, which has so many different angles you could take that you could spend the rest of your life and not tackle it? how do you focus on what you're doing? >> we focus on four key policy issues. we want to ultimately take action on global education and prioritize the 57 million children who currently are denied education. we want to focus on women's equality and see that women's equality becomes a central issue for the post-millennium gulf framework. also see that children receive basic immunizations they deserve. and that health care workers in sub-saharan africa get the training they need to do their job effectively. and highlight public/private partnerships for development. where public corporations and develop work together for the world's poor. >> i remembe
Jul 8, 2013 7:00am PDT
payment forgiveness. >>> we're back n tom, good morning again. >> reporter: it is possible. we haven't had a u.s. carrier involved in a major airline crash, fatal crash, in 11 years. since november of 2001 in new york. not a u.s. big carrier involved in a fatal crash since 2001. what's interesting here is when crashes do occur, they are usually survivalable. the images of flight 214 are haunting. how is it to many people got out alive? only 1 out of 1.2 million flights will crash and most of the passengers on board will survive. everybody got out. everyone survived the cflight that went down in december of 2008. no fatalities when the pilot pulled off the miracle in the hudson in 2009. seats are made to absorb much of the sudden impact so passengers aren't catapulted through the plane. interior carpeting and upholstery is now fire resistant. they recreate plane crashes and the science involved in surviving. once the plane comes to a rest, time is out of the essence. at 30 seconds, smoke can start filling the body of the plane. at 60 seconds, the burning plastics and the fuel and the fabric
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)